Wayne Lai Not Signing Management Contract With TVB

Many TVB artistes left TVB after their contract ends lately. Although TV king Wayne Lai has yet thought about expanding his career to other markets, but he still doesn't plan to sign management contract with TVB.

He attended to a charity dinner last night and expressed he will take some time off for charity work even if he's busy filming. He teased himself : "Since people are still finding me these 2 years, I have to hold onto them. I might have to let others take my place 2 years later." It's said many TVB actors are leaving TVB, so who would take his place? He said: "Many newcomers. Filming dramas help them gain popularity."

Wayne admitted TVB has been discussing new contracts with him: "In fact Virginia Lok has been talking it with me, but she won't force me. I can sign whenever I want. But I'll continue to let my wife help me out. It doesn't matter. I've worked in the company for many years, money is not the most important factor. Sometimes it's feelings." It's said if he signs TVB as a manager, he would earn more commission. Wayne looked at his wife sand said: "It's the same. Depends on seasons. My wife earns more commission during the winter."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

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