[Updated Pics] TVB Puts Bus Hostage Crisis in New Drama

Filming the scene

The Manila Bus Hostage Crisis
Although it's been more than half of a year since the Manila Bus Hostage Crisis happened, but it's still a pain to most Hong Kong residents.

A dismissed Philippine National Police Officer hijacked a Hong Kong tour bus and took the Hong Kong tourists as hostages in an attempt to resume his previous position as a police officer. Eight hostages were dead in the end, and some of the other hostages are now facing long term injuries from the incident.

TVB's new drama "Flying Tigers"/"Special Duties Unit" (tentative name) starring Joe Ma and Jessica Hsuan was filming a bus hostage scene yesterday, very similar to the Manila hostage crisis. The scene is about Kenneth Ma, who plays the villain, takes over a tour bus and demands the police to release his wife (JJ Jia). He goes crazy when he knows his injured wife dies.

The scene is similar to the hostage crisis happened in Manila, Philippines last year. Not only it's also a bus hostage crisis, it's also similar in which the hostage taker is emotion-driven by the fact his close family member is held by the police force.

Actors filming the scene was not so willing to film this scene. Jessica Hsuan is worried this part would rub salt into the wound of victims from the real hostage crisis. Kenneth Ma, whose role resembles the real hostage taker, expressed he has no control and can only follow the script.

As one of the hostages in the scene, Christine Kuo believes the screenwriter just wants to show the message the bad can't win the good and didn't purposely try to relate it to the unfortunate incident. Her boyfriend in the drama Oscar Leung thinks similar stories have been seen in other movies; it's just now everyone is being more sensitive to it.

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Sammul Chan & Michael Tao Bash TVB

TVB brought many actors and actresses to fame, but many of them left the company in the end. The main reason? Dissatisfaction.

Once as one of the young actors TVB are promoting, Sammul Chan decided to leave the company last August after working for them for 11 years. He made a recent television appearance and talked about his reasons behind leaving the well-known television station. He saw people from his generation like Raymond Lam and Bosco Wong are being promoted but not really himself.

"A youngster is working hard, and is acknowledged by the audience. Others already received some awards, but I'm still standing at the corners, not even a nomination."

In fact, Sammul thought of signing the management contract with TVB, which would make him a biological child of TVB, but he didn't get a satisfying pay raise. The company couldn't even agree on a small raise (under 100).

"They also wanted me to sign a 10-year long contract, but no change in salary," he said. "Fighting for these slight changes, not worth it."

Now he is "free," the actor can do more on his own, including using Cantonese to speak on Cable TV and he described that as "feeling fresh air." As for others are not renewing their contract, he disclosed it's natural if they are not happy working.

Not only Sammul is speaking out, the "housewives killer" Michael Tao is also commenting on TVB's system. He disclosed he once signed a 2-year contract with TVB to film 20-episodes per year. He waited several years and finally shoot "Sisters of Pearl." There were still 10 episodes left when the contract ended and that was when TVB wasn't being reasonable to him.

"They told me to unconditionally extend the contract for 6 months, like a freebie to TVB," he said. "I felt it wasn't reasonable. Why would I have to take their fault?"

In the end, TVB paid the 10-episodes salary to the actor. Then several months later, TVB have a drama they want him to star in. But they require him to pay back the 10-episodes pay first.

"This is a just unacceptable!," he expressed.

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Chilam Cheung Invites Big Guests to Last Show

Chilam Cheung's last show of his 2011 concert ended yesterday. In order to provide a good show to his fans, not only he worked out hard to build muscles, he also invited some starry guests to the final show.

Good friends Cecilia Cheung and Aaron Kwok were invited as performing guests. Haven't sing for a long time, Cecilia felt nervous when she performed with Chilam and at one point she forgot lyrics. As one of the heavenly kings in the 90s, Aaron dance-battled with Chilam on stage and they performed Aaron's classic song "Never Ending Love."

The most surprising guests at the final show were Maple Hui and Chilam's 4-year-old son Morton. Maple was once Chilam's rumored girlfriend, as they were partners in singing the classic love duet "Modern Love Story". Haven't met up for nearly 20 years, Chilam and Maple still have a good chemistry and Maple praised Chilam still looks handsome, just like 20 years ago.

After Chilam sang with Maple, a clip of Morton singing was played and Morton was brought to the stage to his dad. Surprised to see all this, Chilam held his son in his arms and asked him some questions and was a little "mad" in the end.

"Are you sleepy?"
"You haven't seen daddy for a long time, right?"
"Do you miss daddy"

Chilam once again said touching things to wife Anita Yuen on the stage. In the first show, he thanked Anita for bringing him a family and a son. Now in the final show, he made a promise to her.

"We didn't even take wedding photos," he said. "I'm owe her a wedding gown. I promise you, let's do this again when we are sixty."

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Kelly Lin Weds BF Chris Young in Maldives

Wedding rings

Another Taiwanese actress weds!

Actress Kelly Lin Hsi Lei held a simple wedding today in Maldives, marrying 39-year-old boyfriend Chris Young (Yang Chen 楊晨). The couple invited 30 people to the ceremony, including the actress' good friend Shu Qi, who attended the wedding despite she has work the next day.

Lin's husband Young is a clothing businessman based in California, US. He moved to the states with his parents in mid-80s and studied in University of California, just like his wife. The couple only dated for 6 months before tying the knot, which sparked reporters' interesting in whether the bride is pregnant. However, Lin's manager denied, stating "absolutely not pregnant."

The 37-year-old actress has starred in many films throughout the years and most of them are Hong Kong films. She has been nominated "Best Actress" in several award ceremonies, including the Hong Kong Film Awards and Berlin Film Festival.

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Chilam Cheung Declares Love to Wife on Stage

Chilam Cheung's first individual concert was held this week. The first concert since he debut 20 years ago, Chilam invited good friends Grasshopper and Charlene Choi to the show as performing guests. His wife Anita Yuen and son Morton were also present to support.

April 1st is the day when pop star Leslie Cheung passed away and in remembrance of him, Chilam impersonated Leslie at the show. He sang Leslie's song and imitated his moves. During the performance, he even took off his shirt and showed off the six packs that he worked very hard on.

Chilam also talked about his love life on stage and his "declaration of love" to wife Anita touched many. Dated her for 20 years, he said he felt pressured in the beginning because he was often asked when would they break up, tie the knot, or divorce; but he didn't regret making the relationship public.

"Many people objected me opening it up, it's like ending a career for idol singers. But I think it's all worth it," he said. "I'm very lucky that I can find a family in the showbiz. Thank you for giving me a family and a child!"

His touching words touched Anita and her eyes started to get teary. The funny thing was, Christine Ng, who was sitting next to Anita, was more emotional and cried already.

After he thanked his wife, Chilam then said he is thankful to have his son Morton. While he was singing a personal song he wrote for Morton, photos of Morton when he was just born and as a baby were shown on the screen.

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Raymond Wong With Wife & Son Kayden

The baby photo is here!

Raymond Wong welcomed a baby son earlier this week and he named the new born Kayden. He disclosed he was in the delivery room with wife that day and it was a very memorable moment.

"I almost cried along with her," he said. "My wife was had a c-section for me. Really is unforgettable."

The new dad expressed the new life motivates him to have new goals and earn more money. Although he is quite prepared for the baby, but he has been busy these days.

"I haven't slept for two days!"

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[Correction] Raymond Wong Welcomes Son Kayden


Since Raymond Wong announced he is a dad-to-be at last December's TVB Anniversary Awards, people have been guessing the gender of his first child. Most people guessed it would be a boy because of the masculine English name Kayden. And they're right.

The actor's wife gave birth to a 7lb baby boy on March 23. Other TVB colleagues have been giving their blessings to the new dad, including TVB high executive Virginia Lok. His good friend Raymond Cho also knew about the news and expressed he already gave the newborn a present already.

Currently filming a new drama with Niki Chow, the 35-year-old daddy persisted in announcing this good news next week. He didn't confirm it today but sounded happy over the phone.

"I will accept your congratulation!"

Because it's mistaken he welcomed a daughter yesterday, Raymond confirmed it today his wife actually gave birth to a son.

"I don't want to bother my wife, so I didn't want to talk about it and didn't say whether it's a boy or a girl. I really don't mind actually."

He said he will be releasing the baby photos to the media by next week.

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Barbie Hsu Wants an Apology From Sohu's CEO

The wedding might be over but the feud continues.

Some of the rules guests "must" follow at Barbie Hsu (Da S) and Wang Xiao Fei's wedding is don't bring a camera to take photos and upload them online. However, guests obviously didn't follow and happily took photos at the wedding still. But they didn't really post photos of the couple online, but the CEO of Sohu did.

Sohu's CEO Zhang Zhao Yang (張朝陽) was invited as one of the groomsmen to the wedding, but was later notified he didn't have to be the groomsman anymore because one of the bridesmaids was absent. Zhang, who is also Wang's good friend, took photos of the couple at uploaded them on Sohu Weibo and these photos became the first batch of Da S' wedding photo online.

Zhang Zhao Yang
Zhang's action angered media from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other districts. Reporters could hardly get into the wedding thanks to the security guards. They all tried their best to take good photos for their job. Some crawled on the beach and ended up getting dog poop on the shirt. Some disguised as construction workers, trying to sneak in to a nearby building. When they knew their photos were no longer exclusive since Sohu's CEO already posted them up, they were mad; all their hard work became nothing.

People pointed Da S for having favorites to Mainland media and forgetting she is from Taiwan. Da S herself immediately released a statement, claiming she didn't exclusively allowed Zhang to take photos and she demands an apology.
Facing criticism from everywhere, Zhang doesn't think he is wrong and expressed he received acquiescence to take photos at the wedding.

"I don't think my action is wrong in any way," he wrote on his Sohu Weibo. "So I will not admit I'm wrong or apologize."

Da S' husband Wang is mad and expressed he is no longer friends with Zhang. He denied giving permission to Zhang to make public of his wedding. He also acussed Zhang for hiring gossip news reporters and dressing them up as guests to take more photos at the wedding.

Da S released another statement today, once again demanding an apology from Zhang; otherwise, legal actions would be taken.

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TVB's 'Mr. Y' Has AIDS?! TVB Artists Don't Believe It

Is this another made-up rumor, or...

The latest cover of a gossip magazine is about a bisexual TVB artist diagnosed with AIDS. The magazine coded him as "Mr. Y", describing his appearance as attractive and is currently one of the popular leading actors in TVB. "Mr. Y" filmed many popular television dramas and some movies with good box office. He is also a singer and has expanded his market to Mainland China in recent years.

Other TVB artists all expressed they have not heard about one of their fellow colleagues is an HIV victim. It's also said other actresses are fear to film kissing scenes with him. Now one of the popular TVB actresses, Fala Chen expressed she didn't heard of the rumor and even if Mr. Y exists, she is not worried.

"You won't get the virus from kissing," she said. "Know some common knowledge."

Kenneth Ma feels fortunate that he is not mistaken as Mr. Y, but he is interested in knowing Mr. Y's identity.

"I also want to gossip about who is Mr. Y," he joked. "I never got rejected when filming kissing scenes. Maybe I have a good reputation."

The "Grace Under Fire" star even said he wants to be Mr. Y so he could be in the news.

"Too bad it's not described like me, otherwise I would admit it. I could be in the news and promote my drama."

Linda Chung also doesn't believe the rumor and expressed she doesn't know any bisexual male artist.

"Maybe it's another fake news, pure gossip," she said. "Even if he is bisexual, there is no problem in working together."

Source: ON.CC, Mingpao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

[Kay says: ..............FAKE? What do you say?]

Natalie Tong Keeps in Contact With Amigo Chui

Although they broke up already, but Natalie Tong remains a friend with ex Amigo Chui.

The couple split after 6 years of dating and it's said a third party triggered the break-up. Yesterday Natalie accepted a radio interview and confirmed the existence of the third party.

"Before the media reported he had someone new, I already noticed it," she said. "So I proposed the break-up."

The actress said she was mad at Amigo but didn't complain, because there is no right or wrong when it comes to love; you need to end it if you lost it.

Amigo has been through some ups and downs in recent years. Alleged beating girlfriend and driving without a license, etc. It's said he and Natalie have got back together, but Natalie denied, only saying she keeps in contact with him.

"I know he spends most of his time at home and he sounds like he doesn't want to see anyone," she said. "It feels like he is lost, thinking about his future."

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Raymond Lam On Kissing Photos: A Good Memory

Bed photos last time, this time kiss ones.

Raymond Lam's bed photos with Pan Shuang Shuang just leaked last week and it's not over. Photos the magazine received also included a set of kiss photos. It's believed these new photos to the public are taken during Valentine's Day, which contradicts Raymond's statement on he and Pan broke up in January.

The magazine also spotted Pan showing up at the building where Raymond lives on March 15 and she could walk inside without being questioned by the security guard, which proves she is a regular visitor. Raymond said they already broke up, then why is she there? Are they still together?

Raymond already knew about the new photos and expressed he has nothing more to explain. He insisted he didn't propose like the magazine reported.

"It was a good memory," he said. "Magazine said I lied? Whatever. People around me know the real thing. No need to reply again. Let them write whatever they want."

The actor expressed he won't reply again even there are new reports. He didn't compare which set of photos hurts him more and said he just wants to do his job well now.

Reporters contacted Pan yesterday about the new leaked photos. When she knew they are her kissing photos with Raymond, she said helplessly: "I'm very upset by the incident. I've rejected many movies recently. I'm not saying which ones, don't want you guys to say I'm trying to promote myself again. I'm in Beijing right now, need to calm it down."

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Barbie Hsu's 'Low-Profile' Wedding

Wedding ceremony location
Bridesmaid & Groomsmen
The couple walked in

Although Barbie Hsu (Da S) said it's going to be a low-profile wedding, but in fact it's very high-profile one.

Da S and Wang Xiao Fei's wedding is one of the anticipating weddings this year and is finally held today. Friends and relatives from both families flied to Hainan the day before to prepare. In order to break away from reporters, the family told them a press conference would be held in a hotel. Reporters were waiting outside in the sun for hours and in the end realized they fell for Barbie's trap.

When they arrived Hainan, Xiao S, Blackie Chen, and other Da S' friends and relatives accepted interview from reporters. Da S then took this opportunity to get on the car. Although both families only had 80 people, but nearly a hundred police, security guards, and staff from the hotel in total were there to guard them. They blocked reporters from going closer to the family, some of them even treated reporters rudely.

The big day finally arrived (March 22) and originally Da S rejected reporters from reporting, stating she just wants to have a low-profile wedding. However, she then allowed Sohu to report their wedding live. That was the same to guests at the wedding, who weren't allowed to take photos at the wedding but in the end they broke the rule anyways.

The ceremony was held in the afternoon. Da S and husband Wang were in white wedding outfits. Bridesmaids and other accessories were in purple, which is Da S' favorite color. Although it was windy during the ceremony, but everyone could feel the couple's happiness.

It's rumored the whole event costs at least 30 million NTD. Plus everyone's attention are on them. What a "low-profile" wedding!

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TVB Artistes New Official Photos [Part 1]

Everyone so far!
TVB Weekly Cover
TVB's artists shoot a new set of official photos earlier. Looking at them, the popular ones like Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma, Bowie Lam, and Wayne Lai aren't included, which is now rumored TVB is ignoring these none biological children and those who are leaving TVB. Yesterday TVB executive Virginia Lok cleared up they are not done shooting these photos: "Only shoot about 50 artists. We have to rush it to present them to our clients at the exhibit. Those who aren't in this set is because they didn't have time. Like Joe Ma, he only had an hour. But the photo shoot was delayed, he had to leave to film new drama."

So everyone, enjoy the following photos for now. I'll post the new ones once they are done!

Photos: TVB

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