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Akita Inu(Akita, Japanese Akita, Great Japanese Dog) The Akita Inu is the largest of the Japanese Spitz-type breeds. They are strong, evenly-proportioned, powerfully built dogs with distinctive features. Akita Inus have bulky, flat, triangular-shaped heads with short, pronounced muzzles. Their noses are dark (generally black), and they have triangular-shaped, dark brown eyes. Akita Inus have pink tongues, black lips, and teeth that close in a scissors bite. The breed is slightly longer than tall, with a flat back, deep chest, and stout limbs. They have a well-defined stop and a groove in the center of their foreheads. Akita Inus have fluffy, high-set tails that curl up over their back. An Akita Inu’s coat features a weather resistant outer layer that is insulated with a soft undercoat. Colors vary, but Akita Inus bred for show should be pure white, brindle, sesame, or red. Black facial masks are common, but they are not permitted in the show ring.

although normally short-haired, they can have long and fluffy varieties, in which case, extra grooming is required

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Final Champion of Korean Online Games held in Japan

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) -- Final tournament for Korean online game in Japan will be held.

Final tournament in Japan for the third year 'World game festival GNGWC 2008' will take place on coming 25th. Participants will strive for tickets to the GNGWC 2008 world finals.

This coming finals in Japan follows the regional finals that took place in Germany, Singapore, US, Brazil and Korea. Representatives from six different continents will come together on November 16 for world championship that is sponsored by Korea SW Industry Promotion Agency (KIPA) and KT.

Japan is well-known for excellent games. Not only video games but Internet online and mobile games recently became popular as well.

Japanese Yano Research Institute Ltd. announced on February 21 that Japanese online game market has increased from 30.7 billion Yen in 2004 to 82 billion Yen in 2007. It is also expected to grow up to 160 billion Yen in 2011. This research shows that game publishing industry has increased from 27.8 billion Yen in 2004 to 80.2 billion Yen which is a remarkable 400 % increase.

Japan's fever for online game has influenced Korean online game market. A great number of Korean online games are becoming popular in Japan.

There will be 3 official games for the final tournament in Japan: 3D online golf game 'Shot Online', World War 2 'Navy Field' and MMORPG 'Atlantica'.

Director Kwon Taek-min from KIPA said, "Online game is an efficient tool which helps gamers from different countries to communicate with one another via Internet. I am honored and pleased to see that Korea and Japan has this great opportunity to get to know each other more through online games."

Representatives from 6 continents will compete at the World final tournament that happens along with the greatest Korean game exhibition, G-Star, that will take place in Kintex, Ilsan, on November 16.
Source aving.net

Jubei Ninpucho " Ryuu Hougyoku-hen "

Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.NetDoko e ittemo hito wa hito, sora wa sora ( Where even also you go, people remain to people, sky remain to sky )
Llama animation have samurai theme likely don't fade to be eaten by the epoch because always leave the impression in for his devotee. One of them is Jubei Ninpucho or more knowledgeable which with title Ninja Scroll. Masterpiece animation Yoshiaki Kawajiri this displayed first time year of 1993 in the form of movie, and some years is is then released movie both. Then Studio Madhouse lift Jubei Ninpucho in version anime serial TV with title Jubei Ninpucho " Ryuu Hougyoku-hen".

Kore kara jibun jishin ishi de tsuyoku ikiru no desuyo ( Start in this time live obstinate with a purpose by self )
Story is be a ninja noted for payment famous with his sword of his lethal is so called Kibagami Jubei. One day in his adventure, Jubei arrive at a the countryside headed by a so called girl Shigure. Intention Jubei for the sleep of noon is on the ground have to annoyed just to because sudden emerge the man figure big body bring the pennant weapon can be turned around become the wheel. That man is member kimonshuu continue to call the word " Hikari no Miko" ( Priencess of Light ) at the same time pursue Shigure. Jubei perforced to go down the hand fight against the the man, whereas Shigure which is muzziness run away to forest and come in contact with the so called masked man Ryouga. Even his cutting is dreadful be like wolf, Ryouga well-intentioned actually by helping Shigure from attack kimonshuu other till he injure hard and found Jubei in a state of dying. Before breathing last, Ryouga give a ball jewel of green chromatic is so-called Ryuu no Hougyoku ( Dragon of Jewel ) at Jubei, and ask it to deliver it at Shigure the called with the title hikari no miko. While in other place Shigure which confuse and shock see resident of his countryside defeated to be massacred for the shake of it protecting continue to run into forest at the same time regret herself because as a leader he cannot do the something to save resident of his countryside...

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Omae jishin ga kimero ( Decide by your own self )
When you is given on to two choice between estae and friendships, which which you choose? This time where is difficult epoch completely many of the is people his liver is blinded by properties estae. Don'T between friend, dispute is frequently happened between family cause the problem of estae. At this anime many people set eye on ryuu no hougyoku which it is said is locking from treasure klan Hiruko, don't aside from Tsubute the perforced to become the thief for the shake of living on. Tsubute given on to the difficult situation when seeing the jewel ball is on-hand Shigure. In one side he not necessarily again strain after to steal if getting the valuable estae, on the contrary he have to account the risk losing of Shigure who have become his journey friend. Undeniable of important estae truely for life kit, but don't forget that friendship cannot be bought with estae counted whatever.

Kanna Mori

Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.NetPlace, Date of Birth : Perfertur Toyama, June 22nd 1988
Blood Type : B
Agency : Hirata Office

Before she become the celebrity, Kanna Mori had a profession as a fashion model. She is really have flexiblelity so she deserve to get a high price. Also she have fotogenic face so she look interesting in every position, and make every fashion and every accesories she wear looks nice. As a model who being famous, it don't strange if a producer or director interest to bring Kanna in acting. Her first job in acting is a character on special episode Attention Please. In that drama, she more excite after she look at Aya Uteo act as Misaki, the staring of that drama.

Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.Net
By an interview, Kanna who has hobbies playing basket ball, shopping and aroma therapy, she said that she shock when she heard an explosion at Kamen Rider Decade shooting. She act as heroine Natsume Hikari in that first serial drama. Natsumi for her is quite interesting, and her hope that character will be the character which loved. For make that, Kanna promise will keep try to show the best.

When Korean Meet Japanese, Boa

Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.NetFull Name : Kwon Boa
Nickname : BoA, Kkamshi
Date of Birth : November 5th 1986
Blood Type : AB
Hobbies : Listening music, watching movie, dancing
Pet : Cat (Sara), and dog (Strawberry)
Favourite Actress : Whitney Houston
Official Website : http://www.avexnet.or.jp/boa/
Latest, many new comer from Korea fill Jpop. Although historicaly they at hostility both of them. From many singers whose offered, Boa recorded as one Jpop musician who succed. And she become top 5 Oricon chart. Boa at the first time orbited by SM Entertainment Company, with an idea from SM Entertainment, an audition held and then they know Boa introduce by her sister.

Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.Net
Boa begin her first debut with her first single ID Peace B then she went to Japan for home stay. In Japan, she join with Avex, there she give her song titled Every Heart as ending song of anime series Inu Yasha. Her carrier quite rockecting, inspirate a couple of people to make the PC games. And finally, born a PC game named Boa in the World. In this game, Boa act as staring and we as player act as Boa's manager who will give training to become a star. Quite interesting? This idea show after looking at her success. Wanna be her manager?^_^
Chika-Chika Chu!
P.S. : "Chika-Chika Chu" usually said by Boa when she sing. It means maybe like congrats.

Aya Ueto

Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.NetWhen she 16th years old in September 2001, her first photo's album released. Next of that month, Aya start showing in drama series 3-nen B-gumi Kimpachi Sensei (Kimpachi, the teacher of 3B class). The story quite funny and had upset feeling, there Aya act as one of the student who loved by everyone.

Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.Net
The big break through she do when she staring at the movie Azumi (May 2003). In that action movie, she get many award then she trusted to staring again at the sequel Azumi 2. Not only that, Aya also have nice vocal, then in August 2003 Aya tried to release her first single debut and the result is OK! As a photo model, she favorite photographer. Quite busy...!!??

Kamen Rider Decade

Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.NetThe staring of this story is Tsukasa Kadoya, a boy who adventuring to Kamen Rider Heinsei from Kuuga until Kiva. Storied that each that world closing to blowing because thats will be meet, and Tsukasa must be prevent that. While, Tsukasa lost his memories and in his mind, he only looking for where he came from.

Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.Net
Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.Net
A girl named Natsumi Hikari often dream about the fight of Kamen Rider Heinsei. In her dream, Kamen Rider united to face an enemy, but the enemy is so strong and one by one Kamen Rider going down. A shadow showing to Natsumi and say a word ; "Decade...". Then Natsumi meet Tsukasa, then something happen in that day she meet him. The city close to destruction, and the monsters show make civilian panics. In that moment, Tsukasa see Wataru Kurenai who know that Tsukasa is the Kamen Rider Decade. He fight with Worm the monster in Kamen Rider Kabuto but he don't really know what he do because of the lost of his memories. Wataru says that he must going to 9 Kamen Rider's worlds to save the world. Natsumi want to follow Tsukasa to his journey because she want to know the meaning of her dream. But in every Kamen Rider's world, Decade seeing as the enemy. Can he find the truth about himself...?

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