Kelly Lin is 3-Months+ Pregnant!

Just tied the knot last month in Maldives, now Kelly Lin even confirmed she is pregnant!

The mom-to-be attended to an event in Hong Kong yesterday and generously admitted she is more than 3 months pregnant. Some believe she gets married for pregnancy, but she denied that yesterday.

"I found out I'm pregnant after marriage. Due date is towards the end of the year."

The actress expressed she and husband Chris Young already plan to have children. They don't know the gender yet, but hope it's a girl.

"My husband is very happy. He wants a daughter. But I think as long as our child is healthy, gender doesn't matter."

The 37-year-old only put on about 3kg so far. She expressed she will continue to work, but could be difficult for her to film.

Source: Mingpao  / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

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