Samsung Electronics, PMP with TV recorder/TV-out ‘YM-P1’

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on 'KES 2005') -- Samsung Electronics has presented its new PMP ‘YM-P1’ and announced that it is going to enter PMP market next January.

This model features TV recorder/TV-Out, so you can enjoy watching any TV program in anywhere by using recording function. You can see them with a big TV screen by TV-out.

It has 4-inch TFT-LCD and it plays various file formats: Divx, Xvid, MPEG4, WMV, AVI, MP3, OGG, ASF, WMA, JPEG, BMP.

SDIO slot supports SD, MMC memory card.

Suggesting price is about 400,000(KRW) for 20GB and 500,000(KRW) for 30GB.

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KES 2005, Samsung & LG battling each other

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on 'KES 2005') --

1. Booths-Samsung booth

Of the companies attending KES 2005, the most notable companies are Samsung and LG, the two giants in Korea as well as in the global electronics market.

Since their booths are facing each other ironically, visitors consciously or unconsciously find themselves comparing two of them, which is quite interesting.

Then, why don’t YOU also look around and find differences? Let’s get started with the appearance first.

(Picture 1~17 : Samsung booth in KES 2005)

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Nadia Vega Worried by Confidence Crisis

Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.NetPretty face, famous, and mostly show on TV actually not guarantee someone free from confidence problem. The truth, there an actress also be singer Nadia Vega. If girl with thin body looked hand her own hand, thats mean she had confidence crisis.

When she ninth years old, Nadia said, she take her first job as presenter 'Pesta Ceria Indosiar' shows. In that time, no problem yet. ”I think i am child at that time. Always passionate with new things,” Nadia said.

But, it must be improved, confidence feeling x lover Aldiansyah Taher more going down. Also, Nadia said will gave up to work as presenter. ”I really have a problem to speak in front of many peoples. Maybe old time i can confidence. But, when growth, i have bad confidence,” she said.

Lucky, time by time, girl who born in Pekanbaru, December 12nd 1987 can fight that negative feeling. Something that make her optimist with her own is her parents, friends, and partners.

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”Although i refused, there is more offer as presenter. They make sure i can do that. If somebody else trust on me, why neither i?” said presenter Class on Music and MU Premiere League shows in ANTV.

Beside that, the source of Nadia's confidence is from her mother. When meet after fill shows in Al Azhar Indonesia University, South Jakarta, Nadia not accompany by her Mom. She think, in that moment, her confidence crisis shows.

”My Mother can't come with me. Feel i like getting smaller. Want to go faster from this place. Want to suddenly disappear from peoples see,” think 'sinetron' star 'Inikah Rasanya Cinta'.

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