Jessica Hsuan Denies Already Married

There are rumors about Jessica Hsuan marrying boyfriend Ruan Bester again. It's said boyfriend proposed to her on Valentine's Day and she bought an expensive house for marriage. The two plans to hold a wedding next year in South Africa. Reporters wants confirmation from her and she denied: "No wedding plans at the moment. I'm not in rush. I'm enjoying being in a relationship and at work."

The actress expressed she already denied similar reporters before, but she can't control what the media write: "I bought the house for my parents and for investment. I'm not building a love nest." Asked whether she is in a rush? She said: "No. I'm very busy working this year. I just finished filming 'Flying Tiger.' Then I'll be in Singapore to film for 2 months. My boyfriend has his work to do. We will continue to date naturally and work."

Source: Mingpao  / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

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