Gintama cover ImagesCreator : Sorachi Hideaki

Samurai no Kuni, Edo. Once upon a time, the Edo's town authorized by the comer from out world called Amanto. The land is authorized and all of the samurai is not allowed to use sword again. For survive, Shimura Shinpachi who dedicated by his father to be the samurai forced work at beverages shop. Then he meet Sakata Gintoki there, and because of him, Shinpachi suspect as murderer of the guest of that shop.

He chase Gintoki, then Shinpachi's big sister named Otae hold Gintoki. When interrogate in Shinpachi's dojo, Gintoki admission as Yorozuya (freelancer) who work for doing anythings. Suddenly, the creditor come to press for payment of the late father. Because of they can't pay, the creditor give two option; give the dojo or Shinpachi's sister be a mans servant. Then Otae decided to be a slave. Gintoki help Shinpachi to rescue Otae also destroy the prostitute business. Since that time, Shinpachi join Gintoki be Yorozuya.

Gintama Images
The fact, Gintoki is Shiro Yasha who couple years ago have big act in the war against Amanto. The other characters, such as; Yato Kagura, Katsura Kotarou, Joui.

Also released special anime: Gintama - Nanigato mo Saishou ga Kanjin nanode Tashou Senobisuru kurai ga Choudo yoi.

Bet On Soldier

Bet on soldier box ImagesPublisher : Digital Jesters
Developer : Kylotonn
Genre : Action
Platform : PC

Bet On Soldier is FPS game which probably surprise you. The story is in the future and the act is fast. When the world full with mercenaries, a competition named Bet On Soldier created for entertain them. The competition concept is simple, you choose a mission, choose mercenary whom will be hunt, then kill them and get rewards.

Bet on soldier Images
The weapons you used is fictive and futuristic. Although still looks like nowadays weapons. The weapons option such handgun, assault rifle, and chain gun. To get that, you must buy weapon and other accessories. Just looking for bus station around to buy that. This game used full support from graphic feature Direct X 9. The result must be great.

The Great Merchant, Xian Online

Xian Online ImagesPublisher : JoyOn
Developer : Boleh Game
Genre : MMORPG
Official site : http://xian.boleh.com
Although Xian Online is a game with MMORPG genre but the main feature isn't sword fighting and monsters. More to trading feature that make complex. Here, players will feel different trading than other online games. You not just sell and buy but also be a rich merchant who have investment that raise continues.

Xian screen Images
In this game, the main purpose isn't become a high level hero, but how to be one who see because the own. Many things you can do here such as open job to another players, investment in all of the city, and finally become the ruler of the town. Before start the game, you will ask to create a character, there is merchants from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China.


Savage Cover ImagesPublisher : iGames
Developer : S2 Games
Genre : Action
Platform : PC
ESRB : E (Everyone)

Are PC gamers usual play multi player from FPS and RTS genre? Here is the game combination from both genre. This game is set fantasy style, and take a place where human being destroy them world by technology. They lived peacefully until then show new race named Beast Horde where try to eliminate us.

Savage Images
Then, the last group of humans whose survive try to collect power by adopt technology that have been worked in the ancient. The game play is base on team and view as FPS. All of group is fight in a computer server. There is a commander in a team, its RTS skill need to be this act. The commander ordering workers to collect resources and give job to team member. Is it interesting, isn't it? Just try the game.

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