Nicholas Tse & Carina Lau Crown 'Best Actor' & 'Best Actress'

Sunday night must be unforgettable for Nicholas Tse and Carina Lau.

The 30th Hong Kong Film Awards was held last night (HK time) and it was broadcast by ATV. Nicholas Tse beat his seniors including Chow Yun-fat and Tony Leung Kar-fai and crowned "Best Actor" with "Stool Pigeon." Wife Cecilia Cheung was emotional when she heard her husband won the award. While giving his acceptance speech, Nicholas thanked his father Patrick Tse.

"When I won 'Best Newcomer' at 18, I brought my award home and told my dad, 'You said you filmed hundres of dramas and films, but have you ever won a HK Film Award?' I know he is watching it tonight. I hope he forgives the impolite kid 12 years ago. Dad, you're the real 'Best Actor'!"

Nominated "Best Actress" 5 times already, Carina Lau finally won her first HK Film Awards "Best Actress." She calmly accepted the award on stage and happily gave her thank-you speech, thanking her husband especially.

"I'm happy to be nominated, but I'm used to losing every time I saw others win it. I was very calm in the beginning, but now I have this, I feel very excited and happy. It can be very happy actually! Haha! I really thank Tsui Hark for casting me to play Wu Zetian. And Andy Lau, Li Bin Bin and Deng Chao. They are very serious during filming. Also to my mom and husband (Tony Leung). He sent many messages to me today. I thank him for letting me do things I like to do these years. I know I could never catch up with you (Tony is a 5-time Best Actor winner), but I will slowly."

The climax at the award yesterday was when Chow Yun-fat talked on stage. As one of the "Best Actor" nominees this year, he openly supports Nicholas, praising he could be the winner tonight. Chow also teased TVB during his speech.

"I can't do this in another station, only here. The Film Awards have been doing this for 30 years. I must say a minute every year, say everything I want."

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Source: Mingpao  / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

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