Show Luo 'Faints' During Concert on April Fool's

Show Luo's joke on April Fool's Day was a little too big.

The pop star held a concert yesterday in Australia. During the performance, he suddenly fell to the ground and fainted for nearly half minute. Everyone, including fans and his mom, were shocked! His poor mom, who was sitting in the front row, was so worried that she just wanted to run onto the stage.

Seeing the situation getting tense, Show eventually got up and shouted "Happy April Fool's Day!" to everyone. He disclosed he was fooled earlier and decided to fool everyone during the show.

"I just wanted to make it epic," he said. "My fainting scared everyone to death! My mom cried! Haha! Very successful."

Although he is pretty proud that he fooled everyone, but he is now being yelled at by colleagues and of course his mom. They complained he should have told them before hand. He promised to do so, but still feeling so cool about the whole thing.

"I won't joke about my health next time. But to be honest, fooling 10,000 people tonight, isn't it pretty cool!"

Source: Liberty Times / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

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