[ENG] What's Up ep 2

[ENG] What's Up ep 2


Lunatic - Daesung MV !!!!!!!!!!!!!

[ENG] What's Up ep 1

[ENG] What's Up ep 1


Bosco Wong Says Myolie Wu Overspends

Bosco Wong attended to new drama blessing ceremony yesterday. The tired actor said: "Besides this drama, I have to film New Year's film at the same time, working 30+ hours. (Myolie concerns?) Don't even see her. (Miss her?) No need to, we are so close by." He disclosed he received an one carat diamond earring from girlfriend on his birthday, and said: "I said I lost mine earlier and I already bought it back. Then she bought another for me, spending so much money. The two women in the house always overspend. The other one is my mom. (Like girlfriend more than diamond?) Yeah." He also denied rumors of girlfriend is forcing him into marriage.

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Kevin Cheng Denies Getting Back With Charmaine Sheh

Lately a magazine reported Kevin Cheng has gotten back with former 'girlfriend' Charmaine Sheh. The two reconciled for two months already and the new TV king even promised to buy houses. Yesterday Kevin was filming the finale of "Ghetto Justice 2" with Myolie. As for rumors, he said: "Of course it's not true. You don't have to congratulate me now. We are just friends. Thanks, for concerning my love life. Anyway, we are just friends. I have to clarify it every time."

As for the house, Kevin said: "I already bought the house last year, as an investment for mom. It's my business."

Many people are positive about them dating, Kevin said: "Why? Do we look like we match each other? Thank you for your concern. Nothing is happening in my love life. No need to guess more."

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Charmaine Sheh Complains Drama Delay

Charmaine Sheh attended to an event yesterday and talked about her drama "When Heaven Burns" was delayed 4 days last week for the TVB anniversary awards and the finale of "Curse of the Royal Harem." She said she didn't read the article about it but did complain a little.

"Viewers did wait too long," she said.

The actress expressed there are promotional events for the drama and didn't think it is ignored by TVB. She hopes supporters of the drama will continue to support.

As for former rumored boyfriend Ron Ng's photo incident, Charmaine said she rarely sees Ron now and it's not the first time she gets dragged into incidents.

"It's not the first time, so nothing really new."

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[ENG] Running Man ep 59

[ENG] Running Man ep 59 w/ Choi MinSoo!

Ron Ng: I Dated Viann Zhang

It takes so long for Ron Ng to confirm his love life.

The actor's girlfriend Viann Zhang supposedly used the actor's Weibo account to post by mistake. The simple post caused a stir but at the same time officially confirmed the two are no ordinary pair. Yesterday Ron went back to TV city and was surrounded by many reporters. He first apologized to his fans and family, saying he knew nothing about the incident before hand.

"Because I went to Toby Leung's wedding, I didn't know what happened until around 4AM," he said. "I was shocked."

The 32-year-old also confirmed his relationship with Viann, but in a vague way. He didn't say whether he is still in a relationship with her.

"I...yes, I dated her," he said. "Give some space to us."

Ron expressed Viann already apologized and promised things like this won't happen again. He was protecting the actress and said he won't think more.

The Mainland actress later posted on Weibo, stressing the whole thing was just an accident.

"It was just an accident, no need to make a fuss," she wrote. "I know others won't believe I just logged into the wrong account. I hope you guys give me some space."

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Ron Ng's Weibo Account Used by Girlfriend, Causes a Stir

Ron Ng is in trouble again.

Last night, fans were surprised and shocked to read the TVB star's "latest" post on Weibo (aka Chinese twitter). The star himself wasn't in the picture nor he wrote the post, it was his Mainland girlfriend Viann Zhang Xinyu.

"So tired. Don't wanna do anything but sleep after work. Head hurts," wrote the actress.

The picture she posted was she on the bed and fans worried whether this is another bed photo incident like Raymond Lam's. The simple post caused a stir and provoked a fight between fans of both parties. Some claimed Ron was being used and some supported it was a mistake post.

Ron himself chose not to make a public appearance, and only expressed the photo wasn't taken on his bed.

"I have nothing else to say," he said. "I can only said it wasn't taken in my house. Talk about this later."

TVB executive Virginia Lok also explained for Ron, saying Vianna does have the password to the actor's account and the reason behind the post was just wanting more attention from the actor.

Viann's manager, however, expressed it was just a mistake. They will not say more about the incident.

The couple met last year during the filming of Mainland drama "Pretty Maid." Ron always tries to keep his relationship a low-profile, but the girlfriend doesn't buy that. She once exposed her whereabouts in Hong Kong on Weibo and later their relationship was reported. Then earlier Ron was photographed picking her up at the airport and bringing her home. They might not admit their relationship, but it's no longer a secret already.

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Michael Tse Teases Kevin Cheng For Taking All the Awards

Was Michael Tse revealing his true feelings after losing to Kevin Cheng?

The supposedly-favored-to-win actor lost to rival Kevin on Monday's TVB anniversary awards. Not only he didn't win 'Best Actor' aka TV King, he also lost 'Most Favorite Male Character' and 'TVB.COM Popularity Award' to Kevin.

Last night the two reunited again at Toby Leung's wedding, the tipsy Michael was teasing the newly crowned TV king the whole time. During game time, Michael pointed at Kevin on the stage and said, "You bastard, took all the awards and didn't leave one to me."

The "Lives of Omission" star stressed he was just joking and has a good spirit just like 'Laughing Gor.' The two wasn't embarrassed to take photos together and expressed they hope to collaborate in the future. Looks like they still remain good terms even after a big competition.

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Yoyo Chen is 3-Months+ Pregnant

Baby, baby!

Yoyo Chen was suspected to be pregnant already when she appeared in her wedding last month. However, she and husband Vincent Wong both denied rumors. But now the new mom happily confirmed baby news.

"We are in a relationship for 6 years and always wanted to have a baby," she said. "So we didn't try to use contraceptives when we were planning our wedding. Then later the test came out to be positive, we happily accept the news."

The TVB actress expressed she only gained a pound or two so far. She doesn't mind gender of the baby and wishes to have two children.

After she appeared in the public event yesterday, Yoyo and Vincent officially starts their honeymoon trip.

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Source: Mingpao

Myolie Wu Crowns TV Queen, Thanks Boyfriend Bosco Wong

Myolie Wu made a love confession as "TV Queen."

The actress crowned this year's "TV Queen" with series "Curse of the Royal Harem." She couldn't hold her tears when she went up to the stage and made her thank-you speech. During the speech, she sweetly made a love confession, and obviously it was to boyfriend Bosco.

"There is one more person, who keeps pushing me. He cared about me a lot during the filming of 'War of In-laws.' I don't know what to say...Last night he said he would go to the bathroom if I win this award. He didn't. I know I have many flaws, and they are hard to bear. But you have a lot of flaws, too. You are also hard to bear. We will keep supporting each other."

The couple finally got together after the big night. Myolie received a hug from Bosco and at one point kept crying in his arms. Many people were encouraging them to get marry, shouting "Marry! Marry" to the couple. Unlike before, they didn't mind posing together in front of photographers. Looks like the awards ceremony has brightened up their relationship.

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Source: ON.CC, Tungstar, Ckwok Weibo

2011 TVB Anniversary Awards Winners

Here's the list of winners in the 44th TVB Anniversary Awards. Congratulations to everyone!

Best Drama
'Lives of Omission'

Best Actor
Kevin Cheng ('Ghetto Justice')

Best Actress
Myolie Wu ('Curse of the Royal Harem')

Best Supporting Actor
Ben Wong ('Lives of Omission')

Best Supporting Actress
Sharon Chan ('Ghetto Justice')

My Favorite Male TV Character
Kevin Cheng (as Law Ba in 'Ghetto Justice')

My Favorite Female TV Character
Myolie Wu (as Wong Si Fu in 'Ghetto Justice')

Most Improved Actor
MC Jin

Most Improved Actress
Sire Ma

Best Television Program Host
Edmond So, Calvin Choy, Remus Choy - 'All Star Glam Exam'

Best Variety/Informative Show
'Water of Life'

Most Enjoyable Program
'HK Back Then'

Life Achievement Award
Lee Heung Kam

TVB.COM Popular Artiste
Kevin Cheng

Extraordinary Glamorous Male and Female (temporarily added award)
Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu

Selina Ren Makes Surprise Appearance at Hebe Tien's Concert

Sister love forever!

S.H.E's Hebe Tien held her celebration concert last night in Taiwan. Already said she would show up at the concert, Selina Ren indeed made an appearance except she and husband Richard were hiding within the crowds. The singer was in good shape the whole two hours. She couldn't hold her tears when she heard Hebe sang "You."

Very thankful for Selina's appearance, Hebe praised her as very optimistic. She later made Selina cry again: "Wifey, I Love you and thank you so much."

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Source: UDN

Bosco Wong to Celebrate Myolie Wu's Winning in Bathroom

Bosco Wong and girlfriend Myolie Wu are competing TV King and Queen in this year's TVB anniversary awards. As for Myolie being the most favorable winner, Bosco was asked what would be his reaction when girlfriend goes up to the stage, he joked: "Before they announce the winner TV Queen, I would go to the bathroom to calm myself a little, then wait for them to announce the winner of TV King."

It's said TVB's general manager Stephen Chan fully supports Myolie for crowning TV Queen, Bosco said: "I also have been supporting her." As for his chance of winning TV King, he believes it's 50/50 because many good actors are competing for the award.

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Trouble Maker -Trouble Maker HyunA & HS

Myolie Wu Prays to Win 'Best Actress'

Just crowned Malaysia's "TV Queen," Myolie Wu is going to compete in the same category next week for TVB's anniversary awards. Lately the stressed actress went to a Buddhist's monastery along with the producer of her nominated series "Curse of the Royal Harem." She was seen praying to Buddha and also receivd a little Buddha statue from the master. Most importantly, the master even predicted its a sure win for the actress!

Asked whether she is confident in winning, Myolie said: "Yeah, because people keep voting as the drama keep airing. Actually in the beginning of the broadcast I was quite nervous. I was afraid viewers wouldn't like me as a villain. But thank goodness, the character seems accepted by everyone."

Talked about other nominees, Myolie said: "I think everyone is good. Each of us has her good points. The chance of winning depends on timing and other factors."

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Source: ON.CC

Sharon Chan & Ben Wong Are Confident in Winning

Sharon Chan and Ben Wong are possible winners in the 2011 TVB anniversary awards' "Best Supporting Actors" category. They both expressed that they are confident in bringing the award home.

Sharon is confident in herself: "My role as 'Hot Legs Queen' is very prominent. The look of long hair, short skirt, and long legs brought me many job opportunities." However, the actress thinks she still didn't do good enough: "I don't think I'm performing or handling characters well enough. You need life experiences to act. I had lots of experiences these years. My dad passed away in 2003, then I got injured last year, etc. These experiences can help me perform better." She expressed if she wins the award, she will present it in front of her dad's grave.

First time being nominated in the anniversary award, Ben believes his role as an undercover is very sharp: "The role doesn't have much scenes, but it's someone rare that you don't see often." Asked whether he feels its late for him to be nominated, he said: "You can't control. I'm glad I never gave up." The actor also thanked Catherine Tseng for asking him to star in "A Kindred Spirit," then producer Lee Tim Sing and the producers of "Lives of Omission."

In addition, Nancy Wu, who is also a nominee of "Best Supporting Actress," expressed she is happy of whoever win the award: "I didn't even think I would receive a nomination. This is an acknowledgement."

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Source: Oriental Daily

Pre-TVB Anniversary 2011: Nominees' Thoughts Part 2

The annual TVB anniversary awards ceremony is coming soon and all nominees must be nervous: would they be the lucky winners this year? This week we will feature the thoughts of some nominees and let them predict who is the winner.

Today we'll have the nominees from the "Most Improved" category to talk about themselves:

MC Jin and Mandy Wong For "Most Improved"

Cilla Kung: I'm Not Just a Damn Teen

Cilla Kung: I'm Not Just a Damn Teen

Cilla Kung made a fame with her role as a school girl in "Yes Sir, Sorry Sir." From being a nobody to suddenly becoming otaku's goddess, Cilla said: "This year is the most improved since I made my debut. People called me by my name in the drama. I'm so happy that I get to try different characters and did quite well, proving I'm can act, not just a damn teen." She also thanked high executive Virginia Lok, producers Lau Ka Ho and Mui Siu Ching.

However, Cilla sees Mandy Wong as her biggest rival. She praised Mandy keeps improving and acts very well: "She is generous and decent. I envy she has many opportunities." She thinks Sire Ma benefits from having many on-screen exposure at the end of the year, which made her another popular winner in "Most Improved Female Artist." As for "Most Improved Male Artist," she supports Jazz Lam, pointing out he is an experienced actor and can act in many different roles.

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Source: Oriental Daily

MC Jin and Mandy Wong For 'Most Improved'

Known for his rapping skills, MC Jin successfully made everyone remember his name with "Lives of Omission." The rapper said he must thank his lucky man, "Laughing Sir": "I thought I would die within 10 episodes. Who knows the response was good and I ended up living, and now I can even take part in the film version of the drama." He didn't fear his chance of winning will be affected because he has no contract with TVB.

After losing in the 2007 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, Mandy Wong joined TVB's acting class and she was given many opportunities after she graduated. Like this year, she performed in several series such as "Lives of Omission", "Ghetto Justice", and "Man With No Shadows." Asked whether she is confident in winning this year's Most Improved," she said: "I did quite well this year. But we all have equal chances, and we made our debut in the same year. We will encourage each other." She thinks Sire Ma is her biggest rival: "I did pay attention to her performance. Besides showing up in many productions, she also keeps improving."

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Source: Oriental Daily

Pre-TVB Anniversary 2011: Nominees' Thoughts Part 1

The annual TVB anniversary awards ceremony is coming soon and all nominees must be nervous: would they be the lucky winners this year? This week we will feature the thoughts of some nominees and let them predict who is the winner.

Tavia Yeung and Ruco Chan

This year Ruco Chan and Tavia Yeung are both nominated for TVB's 'My Favorite TV Character Award' for their roles in The Other Truth. Although Ruco has confidence in himself, but he won't be pressured. This was the first series Ruco played the lead role, he thanked Producer Amy Wong and TVB Executive Catherine Tsang for giving him the opportunity. Ruco had always been seen as Catherine's favorite, asked if he hopes Catherine will vote for him? He said: "Of course, but Catherine had always been unbiased. Even if she does vote, it won't be because of me, but will vote based on a balance of qualities from all artists."

When asked who his greatest opponent is? Ruco frankly said: "I have confidence in myself! If I had to choose, I would say Bosco Wong. In fact I believe he definitely has the power to take Best Actor, but if he can't get that award, I still hope he gets the My Favorite TV Male Character award."

As for Tavia Yeung, she expressed she never gives herself pressure. Also she participated in the awards ceremony several years now, whoever wins the awards, she will be happy for them. She said: "Especially this year, many of the candidates are my peers, from the same generation. It feels like a group of students waiting to get their report cards. I actually feel more relaxed." When speaking of her greatest opponent, Tavia laughed and said she was part of the cast of Yes Sir, Sorry Sir, so she supports Miss Koo Linda Chung. She said: "Well I really have to go back to school and talk to the principle there, but even if it sounds selfish, I still have to give myself a vote. If I win, then I'll have an explanation for myself." She also expressed if she gets the award, she will definitely cry and let everything out because that is her true nature.

Moses Chan

Moses Chan, who cheated the relationship with Miss Koo in Yes Sir Sorry Sir is also part of the nominations for My Favorite TV Male Character. He frankly said this year he doesn't have too much confidence because his role isn't worth flattering. Asked if its because his role cheated on a relationship? He said: "Actually I don't care about this. As an artist, we are used to fluctuate audiences' emotions. I don't have confidence in myself, but instead I support Linda Chung. She really was outstanding in the crying scenes. Let's see if she's lucky or not!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translation: aZnangel @ AEU

Nancy Wu is Happy to be Called 'Mean'

Nancy Wu and Samantha Ko were taping for cooking show "Sweet Corner" yesterday. Praised herself as the best at baking, Nancy disclosed she once baked a heart-shaped cake for boyfriend and expressed she is interested in opening a bakery. She also said she bakes often with good friend Myolie Wu: "I went to her house to make cup cakes once. I really love the process of making cream. I feel very successful."

In addition, Nancy's character in "Curse of the Royal Harem" is criticized by netizens as very mean. As for that, she said: "Many of my colleagues called me mean. I feel the same way when I was watching it. But I feel satisfied, because that means I was very into the character."

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Source: Oriental Daily

Miriam Yeung is 2-months Pregnant?

Baby rumors again!

Miriam Yeung and husband Real Ding have been trying hard to become parents after they tied the knot. The singer even planned to temporarily put all her work on hold just to prep herself to be a mom. But now no need to anymore! Based on the following clues, it's known the 37-year-old is about 2-months pregnant:

1. Meeting doctor specializes in Chinese medicine 

The couple have been visiting a famous doctor in Taiwan who is known for solving pregnancy difficulties. They have been photographed visiting the doctor several times.

2. Wearing loose clothes and flat sandals

When she went out, the fashionable singer actually covered her belly with a big scarf and loose shirt. Her assistant got nervous when she saw reporters and immediately stood in front of Miriam.

3. Changing performance clothes to loose types

In her last show, Miriam has visibly gained weight and all her performing clothes became loose ones. Always loved wearing high heels, this time she only wore thick heels and during the night she even took off her shoes.

The possible mom-to-be still decided to keep her pregnancy a secret. She admitted she is very traditional and is afraid of revealing before 3 months: "No stress, but I'm very traditional and afraid the more I say it, the more I won't get it."

Husband Real also refused to confirm, only replied in a text, saying no reply at the moment and thank you everyone.

By: Kay @ Kay's Entertainment
Source: ON.CC

Andy Lau, 50, Confirms Wife is Pregnant

Finally a baby for the heavenly king!

There are reports last week reporting Andy Lau's wife Carol Chu, 45, is finally pregnant via IVF. After being crowned as the Golden Horse film king last night, the happy Andy decided to tell everyone another happy news:

"Ok, let's talk about family matters," he wrote on his official website. "I understand my beloved family has been praying for that matter...so now *a baby is on the way, hope to share this happiness with everyone."

(*Andy didn't directly say that, but that's the actual meaning from his hint)

Famous radio host Char Siu Yan also confirmed this news. She expressed she texted the actor to congratulate him and received a thank-you reply.

The couple has been trying hard to have a child the past 3 years. There were constant baby rumors circulating during the period but none of them was true. Now they are finally parents-to-be, let's wish them the best!

By: Kay @ Kay's Entertainment

2011 TVB 44th Anniversary Awards

Another year! This year's anniversary awards will be held NEXT MONDAY (December 5, 2011) and YES, I will be updating the results immediately like old times! Stay tuned :D

But for now, why don't we make predictions on the winners? Basically EVERYONE from EVERY DRAMA is nominated, AS ALWAYS. But obviously, we have popular favorites so let's look into that.

Best Actor
Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice) vs. Michael Tse (Lives of Omission)

Possibly in the top 5 nomination: Bosco Wong (Lives of Omission, Wayne Lai (Forensic Heroes 3), Steven Ma (The Life and Times of a Sentinel)

Sorry to 2-time TV king Wayne Lai, but this year's competition is between "Law Ba" and "Laughing Gor". Very tough to say...but I'm for Kevin.

Best Actress
Myolie Wu (The Curse of the Royal Harem) vs. Fala Chen (Lives of Omission)

Possibly in the top 5 nomination: Maggie Cheung (Forensic Heroes 3), Jessica Hsuan (Curse of the Royal Harem), Liza Wang (Home Troopers)

Everyone just keeps congratulating Myolie Wu right now. But tbh I seriously don't think she did well enough in this drama to crown TV queen. She is improved, but winning with this drama? Hmm...

My Favorite Male Character
Michael Tse (Lives of Omission) vs. Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice) vs. Bosco Wong (Lives of Omission)

Usually whoever doesn't get TV king, TVB comforts you with this award.

My Favorite Female Character
Linda Chung (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir) vs. Sharon Chan (Ghetto Justice) vs. Fala Chan (Lives of Omission)

Linda Chung's "Miss Koo" was definitely one of the characters of the year. I didn't watch the series but the general rule is, if the media is for you, you are most likely to get the award. Then if Fala didn't win TV Queen, she gets this "pork award".

Best Supporting Actor
Ben Wong (Lives of Omission) vs. Sam Lee (Ghetto Justice)

Possibly in the top 5 nomination: Cheung Kwok Keung (The Life and Times of a Sentinel), Patrick Tang (7 Days in Life)

Everyone is basically up for "Lak Geun Gor" right now. The possible opponent I can think of is Sam Lee.

Best Supporting Actress
Sharon Chan (Ghetto Justice) vs. Nancy Wu (Forensic Heroes 3)

Possibly in the top 5 nomination: Elena Kong (Lives of Omission), Aimee Chan (The Other Truth), Gigi Wong (Curse of the Royal Harem

Sharon Chan did so well in "Ghetto Justice" that I think she would definitely win something this year! Nancy didn't have a big part in FH3 but she did a good job still. Impressed.

Most Improved Actor
MC Jin vs. King Kong vs. Jazz Lam

I feel like TVB would favor MC Jin a little. King Kong and Jazz Lam were also last year's nominees for the same category. Jazz definitely has lots of potentials.

Most Improved Actress
Cilla Lok vs. Mandy Wong

Cilla received lots of attention after she starred in "Yes Sir, Sorry Sir." But personally I think Mandy performs a little better, as she can play different roles while Cilla is generally restricted as a young teen.

Best Drama
Ghetto Justice vs. Forensic Heroes 3 vs. Lives of Omission vs. The Other Truth

Popular series vs. Anniversary series! What do you think?

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