Turn-based Strategic MMORPG, ‘Atlantica’ is about to be revealed in July

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NDOORS Corporation plans to gather users’ feedback and test stability in July with respect to its piece of work, ‘Atlantica’ which is a MMORPG game that will give worldwide services.

“MMORPG Atlantica was created by Producer Kim, Taegon who wanted a change from the original MMORPG.”

Producer Kim, Taegon who has 15 years of game producing experience have produced ‘Atlantica’ to grow out of original MMORPG. That is why Atlantica has a very unique style: Turn-base method and business management like strategy. We aimed to attract 20 plus male adults and let users to be more accessible to the game. That brought us to a conclusion that hunting games have many limits.

“Turn-base method is the basis of Atlantica’s battle strategy.”

Turn-base method is the basis of Atlantica’s battles. A user takes charge of a troop that is composed of a hero and a number of soldiers to fight with monsters. A user can have 8 soldiers maximum and have to decide how to assault in 30 seconds. It is interesting to see that outcome of a battle is often determined by stationing 9 characters including the hero in a 3x3 box.

As to stationing different kinds of soldiers at the front and back, users should take the attribution of a monster into account. A monster that likes to attack within a short distance usually attacks the soldiers at front line. In that case, users should place the strongest soldiers at the front.

There are many kinds of mercenary corresponding to that fact that they play an important role in the game. They mature along 3 steps: A feeder that brings animals and soldiers who carry weapons back, an inventor who collects machines and weapons, and lastly a princess who invalidates adversary’s magic.

Producer Kim, Taegon explained why they introduced the turn-base method, “The most important elements of a game would be repetitive battles and strategic battle. MMORPG these days are played by speedy actions. It is very crucial that who plays with more complicated mind and which strategy is used. We decided to use turn-base method because we wanted to improve the speed and control. We thought one-on-one fights would be not good.”

“Special feature of online PC games would be PVP and community.”

Atlantica is MMORPG which not only has a typical monster hunt but also has PVP(3 teams on each side) that enables players to talk to other players. It also has online game features such as a party hunting and PK that are different from SRPG’s console games. One of the strong points of online games is that they have communities. Atlantica has a political system that runs a nation. A nation is built by guild confederate. PK can be applied among nations that have declared a war against each other. People can even raise children which is pretty realistic.

Turn-base method is familiar to most users but they are found in console games and are not common in general online PC games. Users in North America and Europe who are very much used to console games can enjoy Atlantica’s PVP and communities because features are not many.

In the meantime, Atlantica will be updated on July 10 in Korea that is called ‘Atlantica 2.0.’ In Atlantica 2.0 will announce to the public regarding the New World, North America and main scenario through gamengame.com

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GNGWC 2008, online preliminary round soon begins

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The third Game&Game World Championship 2008(GNGWC) online preliminary round will soon begin.

KT and Korea Software Promotion Agency sponsor this worldwide gamers' festival 'GNGWC 2008.' Online preliminary begins at the end of July in Europe( Germany ) and other six countries.

Four games are chosen for the preliminary round: ShotOnline (OnNet, www.shotonline.gamescampus.com), Atlantica (Ndoors, http://atlantica.ndoorsgames.com), Silk Road Online (Joy Max, www.silkroadonline.net) and Navyfield (SD Enternet, www.navyfield.com.) Gamers abroad access through servers in each nation or companies' global servers to participate in the online preliminary.

Ndoors's (President Cho Sungwon) 'Atlantica' has been chosen as an official game for GNGWC for the first time this year. Atlantica has existing matches within the game. Gamers will have to do the matches divided by regions until the last day of the preliminary. Top 16 gamers will be admitted to the next round in their regions.

SD Enternet's 'Navy Field' will have 4 top teams with 20 members from each region for the next round. Online preliminary has only one match to win. Top 2 teams from regional league shall be admitted to the final round that will take place in Korea .

OnNet's 3D golf game, 'Shot Online' gives 8 times of individual play at the highest level, Cadeiger, during the preliminary. Gamers can submit 4 best score cards and total 12 gamers shall be entitled to participate in the regional final round.

Joy Max's 'Silk Road Online' will have 30 gamers who will receive one account each. Gamers should create a new character at a designated level and have a time for preparation for 10 minutes. Then a staff will give a sign to start this PvP style game. 16 gamers shall be selected during the preliminary.

Preliminary in Europe( Germany ) will start from July 28 to August 14. Regional finals will be held in GC exhibition center in Leipzig .

Director Kwon Taekmin from SW Promotion Agency's Digital Contents department said, "This year's GNGWC will begin with regional preliminary in Germany . I wish that gamers who love Korean online games from different countries would be able to communicate and build friendship through GNGWC."


Regional Preliminary


Regional Preliminary (Off-line)



Regional Match


July 28(Monday)

~Aug. 14(Thursday)

Aug. 21 (Thursday)

Leipzig (GC Exhibition)


Sept. 8(Monday)

~Oct. 2(Thursday)

Sept. 6 (Saturday)

Singapore Polytechnic



~Sept. 10(Wednesday)

Sept. 20 (Saturday)

LA (Internet PC Café)


Sept. 1(Monday)

~Sept. 17(Wednesday)

Sept. 28 (Sunday)

YongIn ( YongIn Training Center for Teenagers)


Aug. 25(Monday)

~Sept. 17(Wednesday)

Oct. 4 (Saturday)

Sao Paulo (Event Hall)


Sept. 15(Monday)

~Oct. 9(Thursday)

Oct. 25 (Saturday)


(Quest Hall Event Hall)

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Dreamer : Inspired By a True Story

All It Takes is One Big Horse

Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.NetGenre : Drama / Family
Cast : Kurt Russell, Dakota Fanning, Elisabeth Shue, Oded Fehr, Kris Kristofferson, David Morse
Directed by : John Gatins
Rating : PG for brief mild language.
Release Date : October 21st, 2005(wide)
Distribution : Dreamworks SKG

Dreamer : Inspired By A True Story is a drama family that storied love feeling a father to his daughter and a girl to her beloved horse. Cast by Kurt Russel here act as Ben Crane, a horse trainer and farm owner Lexington which had a bad condition in the carrier. The horses it usually trained now took hand by someone else. But, a horse named Sonador/Sonya, in Spanish mean Dreamer, that had broken leg caused by accident still belong to him.

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He will end it life rather than it suffer, but after his daughter, Cale (Fanning) wish for let Sonya life, so he decided to cancel his want. The opposite, for make her daughter happy and to revenge to his bos, he try to cure Sonya's leg and train it from the begining.

Looking Sonya get better, Cale surely Sonya can back to raceand decided to get Sonya in to famous horse race Breeders' Cup Classic. For Cale that can be think, but not for the other. Sign fee and other needs $120.000, and Crane's family doesn't had that much.
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Don't want to make his daughter disappointed, Ben try hard to make Sonya in. Everybody finally take along give hope to Sonya, so relationship Ben with his father (Kristofferson) and his wife (Shue) geting better because of Sonya.

The words "Inspired by a true story" in the title of this movie refers to a true story a champion horse race in 90-era named Mariah's Strom which get fatally broken leg, but can recovered and winning in horse race arena. The idea that based in this movie actually isn't original, but this movie still interesting to watch, not only for matures but also kids, because pictures and musics shows beautifully.

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