Black Jack - Futari no Kuroi Isha

black jack anime cover ImagesOne of famous manga creator Osamu Tezuka who well known as "The God of manga", now is the son turn named Makoto Tezuka to directed a movie from his father creation titled Black Jack : Futari no Kuroi Isha have mean "The Two Black Doctors".

black jack anime Images
The stories focus on the fighting between Doctor Black Jack against his rival named Doctor Kiriko. Storied a pharmacy company building destroy caused boomed by a criminal agent. A women wound because of that blow, and after checked, it said she can't recovery. A son of that women ask Black Jack to operation her, but that women become brave-less and ask to Kiriko to end her own life because she won't be the charge of her son. Black Jack : Futari no Kuroi Isha produced by Yomiuri TV.

Shin Kyuseishuu Densetsu Hokuto No Ken - Raoh Denjun Ai No Shou

Raoh Denjun Ai No Shou ImagesThe return of martial art legend Hokuto no Ken with the main character's particular words, "Omae wa mou shindeiru" [you already going to death] that only found in this story. The story that first time known in manga, not only blow in Japan but also USA, Europe, and another Asian countries not miss from it wild.

Raoh Denjun Ai No Shou Images
That legend comic raised again in anime. This anime series made in 5 pieces art, there 3 movies will be play in spring every years. Beside, there 2 pieces Original Video Animation (OVA). This series not just remake, because show new stories that can't be found in oldest stories, also show new characters.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets book ImagesWhat thing worst than the resurrection of Lord Voldemort? After succeeded beating that witch, and passing summer holiday (with Dursley's family), second year Harry in Hogwarts not begin clearly, and a great danger waiting. Harry and Ron forced to go to Hogwarts by riding a flying car, and then totally broke by the Strong Dedalu. But that happen have no meaning with what happen then in Hogwarts along that year.

A sound hear from inside the wall, only can hear by Harry, and then many victim down. A mysterious word on the wall said that "The secret chamber have opened. Be careful, the enemy of the inheritance". But, what the meaning of that words? Harry, Hermione, and Ron doing everything, such dealing their life, for revealing the 50 years old mystery.

The second series of J. K. Rowling's book, after the first series Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Maybe the writer don't have any idea about this article because myself just going to my friend Devi and want to write this article. Many thanks to Rizky who introduce her to me.

Korea-made online games flying into the world on Coca-Cola

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on 'GNGWC 2007') -- The world-famous Coca-Cola and Korean online games entered into a partnership.

Korea SW Industry Promotion Agency (KIPA) plans to work with Coca-Cola in Hong Kong to market Korea-made online games on the Global Service Platform (GSP) and promote Korea-made online games in the global market.

For this purpose, KIPA dispatched Vice President Taek Min Kwon of the Digital Contents Business Group and working staff to Hong Kong and signed an MOU on joint promotion with Coca-Cola Hong Kong (General Manager Mei So) on the 15th. Korea-made online games will be marketed to Coca-Cola consumers in Hong Kong on the online platform.

To start the joint marketing, KIPA will exchange banners on www.gameengame.com, which introduces Korea-made online games, and www.icoke.hk with Coca-Cola.

Korea-made online game makers on the GSP platform will be permitted to make rare items using Coca-Cola’s brand and images and use its logo and brand in the games.

As the global partner of Korea-made online games, Coca-Cola Hong Kong will link its Homepage (www.icoke.hk) to a Webpage of GSP-based games with various images and motion pictures from the games. Also, members of the Coca-Cola Homepage will receive regular e-mail ads.

KIPA’s strategy is to use this MOU and the brand name of world-famous Coca-Cola to contribute to the global awareness of Korea-made online games and to utilize Coca-Cola’s powerful offline marketing know-how in the online media for maximum synergies.

GSP is KIPA’s special program to sponsor Korea-made online game exporters in the global market. Through this program, KIPA sponsors small/medium companies that lack resources or capital to promote distribution or marketing overseas. KIPA provides www.gamengame.com that is open to any gamer in the world, along with the privilege to use all infrastructures, including the servers, for six months.

According a KIPA official, more than 5 million gamers a year are accessing www.gamengame.com to play Korea-made games in the world.

Source Aving.net

Metal Gear Solid 2 - Substance

Metal Gear Soild 2 Substance cover ImagesPublisher : KCEA
Developer : KCEJ
Genre : Adventure
ESRB : T (Teenager)
Platform : Xbox, PS2, PC

Hideo Kojima appreciated request from many fans of all platform for released Metal Gear Solid 2. He realize that this game popularity in America more than in Japan. Because of there is many gamer in this world, he think twice to released Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance for the three platform.

Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance Images
This game will be fill with more VR missions and material bonus. In this version, you will more intensive to control Solid in five episode missions Solid, beside also can controlling another characters like Raiden, Pliskin, and Cyborg Ninja. The total, Substance contain original story Sons of Liberty, five Snake episodes, VR missions for 200 stages, and bonus mission named Alternative Mission for 100 stages. The Substance is most complete Metal Gear Solid series. This game will be package in one DVD double layer.

Man On Fire

Man On Fire cover ImagesCreasy (Denzel Washington) is a x secret agent who hired to be rich Mexico family's bodyguard. The main job is to protect a little daughter, Pita (Dakota Fanning), because in that country often kidnapping with motive extortion. Pita being a target of kidnappers whose cooperate with corrupt cops. In an attack, Creasy fall down by a bullet, he saw Pita take from his side. And bad thing, the money pirate by another criminals so the kidnappers angry and kill the girl. Then, only one thing that Creasy want, track and finish all of that criminals.

Man On Fire Images
Although the theme is revenge, but there another thing. Actually Pita is nothing for him but the little girl is so pure to make relation with him. Before, Creasy is lost his life purpose and then he feel the meaning of life again. So, its feel not much if Creasy won't give up. Maybe, many critics from the country because the revenge action full of enjoy not with emotion. Denzel Washington show calm and cool as an angel of death.

SD Gundam G Generation Neo

sd gundam g generation neo logo ImagesPublisher : Bandai
Developer : Bandai
Genre : Simulation
ESRB : T (Teenager)
Platform : PS2

The popular "Gundam" can make busy some of company. So do this game, also have high quality. If you fan to strategy or simulation games, this may check by you. The system is must be Robot War. Many mecha show up in this game from the beginning until the newest mecha. Also the scene make nostalgic, have short load and the FMV animation can be skip. But you may see that, in the battle scene have Gundam format with 3D deformed. Thats so cute.

SD gundam g generation neo Images
Every mission, the member of party have 3 units. Every unit have maximal level until level 4. Ow, I almost forget, this game has feature combination 2 units become 1 new unit. Beside Super Robot Wars Series, SD Gundam G Generation Neo have more action.

Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse

Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse logo ImagesPublisher : 3DO
Genre : Action
ESRB : M (Mature)
Platform : Game Cube, PS2, Xbox, PC

Once upon a time, living an angel, Abaddon who lived not in the Heaven neither in the Hell. He fight against Horsemen which released to the world. But, Abaddon can't faced by himself. He must join to 3 peoples and create 4 armies for defeating many stranger. The three peoples with their own unique : Jesse Horner, can heal Abaddon; Jimmy Ray Flint, the murderer who can see the vision of the demons; and last Senator Anderson Scott who have side-swap-ping skill. Abaddon and friends fight to rescue the world from Armageddon. Not long, show another boss, Four Horsemen, they are War, Pestilence, Death, and Famine.

Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse Images
Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse is one from many 3DO big project. In art concept, 3DO help by Simon Bisley and Dave De Vries from DC Comics and Marvel. There is graphic effect such as : hair, cloth, motion capture sessions, and paint to texture mapping.

Imperial Glory

Imperial Glory cover ImagesPublisher : Eidos Interactive
Developer : Pyro Studios
Genre : Strategy
Platform : PC

Imperial Glory set at Napoleon War and you placed in Austria, Prussia, France, Russia, or Britain territory. Here, you will get different experience depend on your play chose the country. As example, Russia have special to a lot of population, so able to depart troops. Beside that Britain have more in sea technology.

Imperial Glory Images
The game play component same as most strategic games. There is turn base where you can move units on map also real time where you can move units directly. The unique is you can battle on ocean where rendered with 3D view. And the strategy concept is looks like RTS (Real Time Strategy). Build structure and collect resources but your turn will be limited. How is that!? Just play the game.

Aya Kudo, The Panic Girl

Aya Kudo ImagesFull Name : Aya Kudo
Nickname : kudoh, kudou
City / State : Tokyo
Birth Date : y [1984] m [10] d [11]
Blood Type : B
Height (cm) : 1102
Measurements (cm) : B [85] W [58] H [88]

She is a game girl from Panic Maker by Capcom. She can be said Panic Girl too. Aya Kudo, x Miss Magazine 2001 chosen as one from two Panic Girls. The other is Kirimua Moe. As Panic Girls, they will act characters in that action game. Aya will be as Tia Girl and she think that the character is unique. "Because of that, I very like it", she comment.

Aya Kudo Images
The girl whom birth October 11st 1983 also love to playing video games. But most of games she played never finish by her. She like to play popular games such Momotaro Dentetsu, "A million peoples game", she said. "Panic Maker is easy to learn and interesting, maybe I try to finish that game." she promote the game. But thats true, if you want to see Aya Kudo in 3D, just play the game.


d-day box ImagesPublisher : Monte Cristo
Developer : Digital Reality
Genre : Strategy
Platform : PC

The publisher whose very like to work on strategy genre, try to released strategy based on war. In this game, you will control allied army when its land and though campaign until Normandy.

D-Day screen Images
D-Day is RTS game that truly based on tactical, so you just control individual unit without do collect resources and build structures. Digital Reality develop a concept where the manage is more simple. You just set units then its will do automatically. And no need to click on units and right click to act something.

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