Legend of Kay

Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.NetPublisher : Joywood Production
Developer : Bigben Interactive
Genre : Adventure
Platform : PS2
ESRB : E (Everyone)

This game is about cats but isn't geographic cats. The hero is a cat named Kay. Many generations, the cats lived peacefully on a giant tree. Kay fascinated in martial arts. One time, the cats live disturbing by Caesar Shun's armies. Kay's mission is to protect the village and Kay must be exploring Peng-Lai island.

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As long as Kay journey, Kay will get a new skills, new weapons, and more special power to faced enemies. There is any secret that must be solved. As Kay, you must complete 37 levels that challenge and quest in 7 settings also 30 enemies you must beat. The interesting part is an animation like forest, swamp, and cave created very detail. Rare game with the hero is cat, Meow...

Project Snowblind

Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.NetPublisher : Eidos Interactive
Developer : Crystal Dynamic
Genre : Action
Platform : PS2, PC, Xbox360

With background Hongkong in year 2065, in this game, you will play as Nathan Frost. He injured but then changed by military be super army.

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As super soldier, Nathan mostly will act as savior who handle enemies by himself. But there any mission that he will help by another soldier. The game play will be on city surrounding buildings. Because of that, this game need lighting technical and filter effect so that can take cinematic view.

The Darkness

Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.NetPlatform : PS3, Xbox360
Publisher : 2K Games
Developer : Starbreeze

The game adapted from comic. The Darkness is a first-person shooter game with mix genre. The hero is Jackie Estacado who be part of a family that hex by demon if they reach 21st years old. Your duty is not only learn from demon that control you, but also fight with corrupt cop and evil Franchetti.

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After 21st years old, a mafia Jackie Estacado suddenly have a spectacular power and frightening from The Darkness. Although his supernatural power caused fright feeling for his enemies, but Jackie also can control himself so he don't angry to everything. So that, he must learn hard to controlling himself. There is human side in him who useful for many peoples.

The game play feature can be said unique because there is mixing between modern criminal drama and supernatural horror, where point of view first and third person isn't inline.

Kelly Brook, An England Actress in NFS Underground 2

Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.NetThere is character named Nikki a driver master in control cars have a strong-willed. The prove, she like to rebel and fight. Nikki's character model by an England actress, Kelly Brook. She chosen by EA to promote sequel game racing, Need For Speed Underground 2.

Maybe this the old one from Need For Speed series. You may can also read my article Need For Speed : Carbon. And you can read about the game girl Emmanuelle Vaguier who also act as Nikki on that series.

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"So excite can watch yourself as a character in video game. EA is great, Nikki really look like me." Kelly so glad with her part in Need For Speed Underground 2. This game is in multi platform, haven't play yet? Just try it out.

Genji 2

Genji 2 cover ImagesPlatform : PS3
Publisher : Sony Computers Entertainment
Developer : Game Republic
Genre : Third Person Action

Maybe this game looks like Onimusha and Dynasty Warriors. You can control main character with analog stick, while the others attack, block, and special attack. Each characters have near range attack and long range attack. You can modify every attack with use shoulder button that give a little extra.

Genji 2 Images
This game can played four different characters whose each characters have specific weapon and unique. Can switch fly between character, then can trade different weapon easily, and many more.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

The third series of Harry Potter titled Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, after released the first series Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone also the second series Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The writer, J.K. Rowling, must be glad can finish all of seven Harry Potter's series. And I just can review thats one by one.

Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.NetThat clearly, Harry is not just usuall boy. Usually, the other boys so waiting summer holydays, Harry feel that holyday is a suffering. Caused by anger, Harry pump his uncle's sister, Aunt Marge. Affraid to Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon's anger, also drop out from Hogwarts because use magic in muggle society, Harry runaway. Out of thinking, actually Harry didn't get punishment. The opposite, He get special treat. Third year in Hogwarts explaining why Ministers appology his fault. Actually, Sirius Black, a prisoner of magical jail Azkaban also who responsible to tragedy to Harry's parents, escape and targeting Harry. And why Dementor who must be take care Harry and Hogwarts, make Harry scared, when the other doesn't feel that scare?

Lionel Messi, Disease can't stop Him

Lionel Messi ImagesFull name : Lionel Andres Messi
Nickname : Leo
Place, Date of Birth : Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, June 24th 1987

Many peoples call him the next football superstar. In Netherlands 2005, he got The Golden Ball and The Golden Shoe at Football World Youth Championship, also The Best Young Player 2005 Italian Tuttosport magazine version.

When he 5th years old, Leo (Lionel Messi nickname) join Newell's Old Boys club in Rosario, Argentine. But when he 11st years old, Leo stop playing football because he have disease called hormone deficiency which disturbing his growth. Then in his 13rd years old, he and his family transmigrate to Barcelona, Spain. There, his father try to cure him. And Leo don't want to stay home, he join local football club. The Barcelona club heard him, so make a contract and paid for his recovery.

One of the football legend from Argentine Diego Maradona also praise Leo. "So glad knowing the greatest player in the world praise me. That give me spirits to keep learning and work hard", said Leo with respect.

Chelsea Olivia

chelsea olivia ImagesFull Name : Chelsea Olivia Wijaya
Nickname : Chelsea
Place, Date of Birth : Teluk Betung, July 29th 1992
Hobbies : Swimming and Playing Basketball

Sweet girl from Indonesia Chelsea Olivia have a great carrier in entertainment. She had skin allergy from cold and sweat so she may be want to be a doctor. She think, she is a moodiness person and tomboy. She also have good consequence.

chelsea_olivia Images
But her feel is uncomfortable being an actress because of the press. She want a privacy about her bad thing. "A little thing we make mistake, the press give attend to us, so that many peoples know", she comment. Wish she don't mad at me by write this article. And one more thing that she don't feel comfort is she don't have enough time to play together with friends.

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