Raymond Lam Accepts It All With Pain

He drops tears again for the woman he once loved.

Since the leak of bed photos of Raymond Lam and Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang last month, there are non-stop news related to the incident. The two parties both accepted in-depth interviews to tell their side of story, but that didn't stop anything but provoked more stories to come out. Now it's even rumored there is a sex tape leak.

Originally planned to attend to the costume fitting of new drama "Return to the Three Kingdoms," Raymond was absent in the end but eventually showed up when he walked into the studio. He faced reporters reluctantly with high executive Virginia Lok, Eric Tsang, and producer of his drama by his side.

"During the period when we dated, if there is anything in any way that hurts her, even it's all just a scheme, I'm willing to accept it. She is still very young. Her future should be a good one. This whole thing already made people around us very worried. I'm so sorry!"

While he talked about his past relationship with Mavis, Raymond started to get teary. He said he thought of calling her, but didn't think it's a right time to do so. They are both emotionally affected and he "is in deep pain" right now.

Asked about a clip that is suspicious of being a sex tape with his voice in it, Raymond just sighed and expressed he is focusing on his career right now; it's his top priority. Whether he worries more would leak, he is helpless about it and said that's all he can say for now.

Source: ON.CC  / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

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