Leon Lai Transforms Janice Man & Janice Vidal into Sexy Ladies

Mark Lui fights with Janice Vidal
Leon Lai invested HKD$3 million to the 3D MV of new song "See You Later" (遲D見). In this expensive MV, his two ladies in the company, Janice Man (JM) and Janice Vidal, look stunningly hot with the help of technology. Their heads are keyed with bodies with big busts and even Janice's round face is "fixed" a little in order to look nice.

The hottest scene in the MV is when JM takes off her bra and panties. Her boss Leon then cuts her bra and burns her panties. The part where the peacock JM is sitting on Leon's shoulders is quite bold.

Leon expressed he started to plan for this MV since last June and spent 9 months to finish it. He admitted coming up with those bold ideas, such as throwing bras and panties.

"It's nothing disgusting, just healthy sexy."

Source: ON.CC  / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

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