Raymond Lam's Bed Photos Leak

His fans must be heart-broken.

A series photos of Raymond Lam with Mainland model Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang are published by a magazine recently. With the leak of these photos, the two's relationship is also exposed to the public. Raymond attended to the costume fitting of new drama "Return to the Three Kingdoms" (tentative name) today and confirmed he and Pan were lovers.

"Many reporters know I had a girlfriend before I entered the showbiz. Since then I always wanted to be in a relationship, but I don't have a chance. Those rumors, I already told everyone they are just promotional, but people just don't believe me."

"This one, we indeed dated for a short period. But I never knew I would have to confirm it this way. I thought of developing this relationship seriously. I won't openly talk about it, but if reporters discovered it, I won't deny. This relationship ended for some time already."

Interviewed with wet eyes, Raymond appeared to have dropped tears for this unexpected incident. He didn't know how the photos were leaked and will try hard not to let this incident affect his performance at work. He also disclosed he and Pan haven't contact each other for a long time.

The TVB actor met his former 23-year-old girlfriend on the filming set of movie "The Emerald and the Pearl". When Raymond done filming and went back to Hong Kong, Pan would always come to visit him, sometimes at his house. Raymond also took some time off to meet her when he worked in Beijing. Raymond even brought her to meet his parents. However, due to busy work schedules, the two decided to end this relationship peacefully.
Pan is a young model from Zhejiang, China. Because she resembles sexy icon Shu Qi and have a good body, she is nicknamed "little Shu Qi" by netizens.

Other artists' comments on the photo leak

Charlene Choi: "I don't really remember her [Pan Shuang Shuang]. I feel Raymond is betrayed. He met the wrong person."

Tavia Yeung: "Really?! Maybe the report is exaggerated. I haven't read the report. But I think we should focus on his performance at work, not on those pictures."

Kenneth Ma: "Professor King [Raymond's role in 'Mysteries of Love'] taught people physics last time. Now he as Zhu Geliang would teach us truth in life."

Joel Chan: "Raymond and I don't usually talk about relationships. I think he knows how to handle it."

Linda Chung: "If you're in a relationship, you will be very into it. It's normal to take this kind of photos."

Rain Li: "Poor Raymond. Plus he's career is good right now."
Source: Next Magazine, TVB / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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