Barbie Hsu Wants an Apology From Sohu's CEO

The wedding might be over but the feud continues.

Some of the rules guests "must" follow at Barbie Hsu (Da S) and Wang Xiao Fei's wedding is don't bring a camera to take photos and upload them online. However, guests obviously didn't follow and happily took photos at the wedding still. But they didn't really post photos of the couple online, but the CEO of Sohu did.

Sohu's CEO Zhang Zhao Yang (張朝陽) was invited as one of the groomsmen to the wedding, but was later notified he didn't have to be the groomsman anymore because one of the bridesmaids was absent. Zhang, who is also Wang's good friend, took photos of the couple at uploaded them on Sohu Weibo and these photos became the first batch of Da S' wedding photo online.

Zhang Zhao Yang
Zhang's action angered media from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other districts. Reporters could hardly get into the wedding thanks to the security guards. They all tried their best to take good photos for their job. Some crawled on the beach and ended up getting dog poop on the shirt. Some disguised as construction workers, trying to sneak in to a nearby building. When they knew their photos were no longer exclusive since Sohu's CEO already posted them up, they were mad; all their hard work became nothing.

People pointed Da S for having favorites to Mainland media and forgetting she is from Taiwan. Da S herself immediately released a statement, claiming she didn't exclusively allowed Zhang to take photos and she demands an apology.
Facing criticism from everywhere, Zhang doesn't think he is wrong and expressed he received acquiescence to take photos at the wedding.

"I don't think my action is wrong in any way," he wrote on his Sohu Weibo. "So I will not admit I'm wrong or apologize."

Da S' husband Wang is mad and expressed he is no longer friends with Zhang. He denied giving permission to Zhang to make public of his wedding. He also acussed Zhang for hiring gossip news reporters and dressing them up as guests to take more photos at the wedding.

Da S released another statement today, once again demanding an apology from Zhang; otherwise, legal actions would be taken.

Source: UDN / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

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