Niki Chow Gets Teary Easily

Niki Chow was shooting drama <我的如意狼君> in the studio yesterday. She was shooting a scene where she leaves home and her family searches for her. In the end, she and Ching Ho Wai, who plays her mother, hugs and cries together.

Before official shooting, Niki was putting herself into the character and her eyes were teary already; even the director told her to hold onto the tears! When it was time for the official shoot, her tears dropped immediately and the scene was done smoothly.

During interviews, Niki expressed she needs to cry a lot when filming this drama: "The plot is very touching. My tears would come out when I was reading it on my own. Then I cry during filming. There's another challenge for filming this drama, that is I have many lines, the longest is 7 pages long!"

Source: ON.CC / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

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