Kelly Chen Suffers Miscarriage, Loses Twin Girls

Must be tough times for Kelly Chen.

The singer happily announced she was pregnant again in January and confirmed it would be twin girls a month later. Being extremely careful while carrying her daughters, unfortunately she still had a miscarriage recently. She announced this sad news on her official website yesterday, thanking people who took care of her and assuring everyone.

"Just been through the toughest week in life...After trying very hard, our two daughters still cannot be with us. Doctors said there is no specific reason. Here I would like to thank doctors and nurses in Queen Mary Hospital for taking care of me, encouraging and comforting me. Everyone, don't worry. I will have a good rest. I will see you guys again when I'm ready. Thank you everyone for your blessings! Kelly."

The 39-year-old always wanted to have a second child after she gave birth to a son in 2009. She tried IVF earlier and it succeed in bringing her twins. Doctors already told her it would be risky and she was very careful the whole time; she rarely goes out and attends to jobs like she did during first pregnancy.

However, in the 5th month of pregnancy, Chen noticed signs of labor and immediately went to the hospital to monitor her babies' condition. Sadly, her twin girls couldn't make it in the end.

Chen's husband and 1-year-old son were there with her in the hospital. The upset mom has returned home already. As for whether she would try IVF to get pregnant again, her manager disclosed that is not what the family is thinking right now.

"Now she's not thinking about anything else," he said. "Wait after she regains a good health."

By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

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