Chilam Cheung Invites Big Guests to Last Show

Chilam Cheung's last show of his 2011 concert ended yesterday. In order to provide a good show to his fans, not only he worked out hard to build muscles, he also invited some starry guests to the final show.

Good friends Cecilia Cheung and Aaron Kwok were invited as performing guests. Haven't sing for a long time, Cecilia felt nervous when she performed with Chilam and at one point she forgot lyrics. As one of the heavenly kings in the 90s, Aaron dance-battled with Chilam on stage and they performed Aaron's classic song "Never Ending Love."

The most surprising guests at the final show were Maple Hui and Chilam's 4-year-old son Morton. Maple was once Chilam's rumored girlfriend, as they were partners in singing the classic love duet "Modern Love Story". Haven't met up for nearly 20 years, Chilam and Maple still have a good chemistry and Maple praised Chilam still looks handsome, just like 20 years ago.

After Chilam sang with Maple, a clip of Morton singing was played and Morton was brought to the stage to his dad. Surprised to see all this, Chilam held his son in his arms and asked him some questions and was a little "mad" in the end.

"Are you sleepy?"
"You haven't seen daddy for a long time, right?"
"Do you miss daddy"

Chilam once again said touching things to wife Anita Yuen on the stage. In the first show, he thanked Anita for bringing him a family and a son. Now in the final show, he made a promise to her.

"We didn't even take wedding photos," he said. "I'm owe her a wedding gown. I promise you, let's do this again when we are sixty."

Source: ON.CC / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

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