Nicholas Tse & Cecilia Cheung's Wedding Photos Leak

Another photos leak incident, but this one is a happy one.

Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung held a secret wedding back in 2006 and only a few guests attended; even their parents didn't know about it. Now several years later, their wedding photos are suddenly exposed to the public and they are circulating on the internet right now. Looking at the photos, the couple look very sweetly in love and in one of them, Cecilia appeared to be emotional after Nicholas proposed to her.

These photos were taken by a Filipino photographer and it's believed they got leaked after he posted them on his Facebook. Others said the photographer received permission from Nicholas to post. Cecilia's manager expressed will take actions after the photographer. Cecilia and Nichloas have yet comment.

It's known Nicholas planned his proposal and wedding for 2 months. He and Cecilia traveled to a small island in Philippines along with some good friends. On a sunny day at the beach, he suddenly got down on his knees and proposed to Cecilia. Cecilia was shocked but still said "yes" after 8 seconds.

By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 

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