MC Jin and Mandy Wong For 'Most Improved'

Known for his rapping skills, MC Jin successfully made everyone remember his name with "Lives of Omission." The rapper said he must thank his lucky man, "Laughing Sir": "I thought I would die within 10 episodes. Who knows the response was good and I ended up living, and now I can even take part in the film version of the drama." He didn't fear his chance of winning will be affected because he has no contract with TVB.

After losing in the 2007 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, Mandy Wong joined TVB's acting class and she was given many opportunities after she graduated. Like this year, she performed in several series such as "Lives of Omission", "Ghetto Justice", and "Man With No Shadows." Asked whether she is confident in winning this year's Most Improved," she said: "I did quite well this year. But we all have equal chances, and we made our debut in the same year. We will encourage each other." She thinks Sire Ma is her biggest rival: "I did pay attention to her performance. Besides showing up in many productions, she also keeps improving."

Translation: Kay @ Kay's Entertainment
Source: Oriental Daily

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