Michael Tse Teases Kevin Cheng For Taking All the Awards

Was Michael Tse revealing his true feelings after losing to Kevin Cheng?

The supposedly-favored-to-win actor lost to rival Kevin on Monday's TVB anniversary awards. Not only he didn't win 'Best Actor' aka TV King, he also lost 'Most Favorite Male Character' and 'TVB.COM Popularity Award' to Kevin.

Last night the two reunited again at Toby Leung's wedding, the tipsy Michael was teasing the newly crowned TV king the whole time. During game time, Michael pointed at Kevin on the stage and said, "You bastard, took all the awards and didn't leave one to me."

The "Lives of Omission" star stressed he was just joking and has a good spirit just like 'Laughing Gor.' The two wasn't embarrassed to take photos together and expressed they hope to collaborate in the future. Looks like they still remain good terms even after a big competition.

By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment
Source: ON.CC

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