Andy Lau, 50, Confirms Wife is Pregnant

Finally a baby for the heavenly king!

There are reports last week reporting Andy Lau's wife Carol Chu, 45, is finally pregnant via IVF. After being crowned as the Golden Horse film king last night, the happy Andy decided to tell everyone another happy news:

"Ok, let's talk about family matters," he wrote on his official website. "I understand my beloved family has been praying for that matter...so now *a baby is on the way, hope to share this happiness with everyone."

(*Andy didn't directly say that, but that's the actual meaning from his hint)

Famous radio host Char Siu Yan also confirmed this news. She expressed she texted the actor to congratulate him and received a thank-you reply.

The couple has been trying hard to have a child the past 3 years. There were constant baby rumors circulating during the period but none of them was true. Now they are finally parents-to-be, let's wish them the best!

By: Kay @ Kay's Entertainment

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