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Looking for an EASY way to build your PayPal account? Luckily there is a site where you can actually earn quick money JUST for answering 3- to 5-question surveys -- Instant Cash Sweepstakes. After you win enough money (just $2 or more), you simply cash out and the money is sent directly to your PayPal account within HOURS!

You can even write surveys -- and each month, the writer of the survey rated the best wins $100! And to top that, there is a daily $50 drawing -- and you gain entries ("lottery tickets") each time you complete or write a survey! You can win multiple times -- and EntertainmentBlogger is living proof -- winning the daily prize three times!

One lucky registered user won $1099 in the site's Tax Cut Sweepstakes in 2009! And there's always something new at ICS. Last fall, the site also implemented a $2 drawing held EVERY four hours. But even with ongoing changes, the site remains free to register -- and free to use!

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