Win Free AmazonGift Cards on iRazoo!

The search and win site iRazoo recently instituted a new point policy -- making it easier to win! Use iRazoo just like you use non-win search engines like Google and Bing. Each search will give you a random chance to win varied points -- from 10-100. And you can win between 5-10 times during the day!

Once you reach 3000 points, you can cash out to receive a $5 Amazon gift card -- totally free! Within one to four weeks of cashing out, you'll receive your gift card code and can add it to your Amazon account balance. Amazon codes never expire -- and are stackable! You can also exchange your iRazoo points for other exciting prizes such as mp3 players, cameras, memory sticks and video game systems -- but the Amazon prize is the BEST bang for your buck.

The key to these sites is to join, get comfortable with how things work and then get some of your friends in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom to join under you as well. You will automatically earn matching points each time your friend earns points. For example, if your friend wins 20 points while searching, you will also get 20 points added to your account as well -- up to a cap of 3000 points per friend.

iRazoo recently added more chances to earn by completing special offers. To learn more, just click on the EARN POINTS tab at the top of the home page and then click on OFFERS. Just by clicking that link, you'll receive 5 points daily! And there are many videos to watch and other offers to add to your tally.

It's free to register and free to play -- so don't delay! Register here and start winning today -- you'll even get 50 points to start you off just for joining!

3/17/12 UPDATE: Want another 50 points? On the top menu bar, go to EARN POINTS tab and then click on TREASURE CODE. Add in "saintpatricks" in the box before 11:58pm ET on 3/18 and you'll receive an additional 50 points! Treasure codes come out frequently via the site's Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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