First Day of November = Free Movie Rental Codes!

Brrrrrrrr -- it was the coldest morning here in the past eight months! Unless you're lucky to live in a warm climate, I am sure you're experiencing much of the same. It's time to spend more time inside -- with a free movie night! So, here is the latest list of Redbox and Blockbuster Express codes.

Just a reminder: these codes listed below can only be used once per account.


Did you know:

  • If you create a new redbox.com account, your second online rental is on them! Details here.
  • Join the Redbox text club and get a promo code good for a free rental on the first Monday of every month (the code is sent to your cell phone -- and is good only for you!). Learn more here.
  • Blu-ray discs are now available at a Redbox kiosk near you. At my local location, DVDs are still $1 and Blu-ray discs are $1.50. Check here to see if Blu-ray rentals are available near you.
  • Finally, Redbox has a great new contest -- you could win free rentals for a year! Enter the contest here.

Below are free movie rental codes for use at Redbox kiosks:
  • DVDATWAG - expiration unknown; Walgreen's only
  • DVDKROG - expiration unknown; Kroger's only
  • DRIVEIN - expiration unknown; Sonic only
  • CHANCEMONOP - McDonald's only; Redbox and McDonald's have partnered to give away 1 million FREE Redbox rentals; this code will expire after it has been used 1 million times
  • DVDONME - no expiration
  • BREAKROOM - no expiration
  • Click here to find a Redbox kiosk near you.


Below are free movie rental codes for use at Blockbuster Express kiosks:
  • 1MNDY - valid today only
  • G718A - expiration unknown
  • Click here to find a Blockbuster kiosk near you.

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