Dreamer : Inspired By a True Story

All It Takes is One Big Horse

Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.NetGenre : Drama / Family
Cast : Kurt Russell, Dakota Fanning, Elisabeth Shue, Oded Fehr, Kris Kristofferson, David Morse
Directed by : John Gatins
Rating : PG for brief mild language.
Release Date : October 21st, 2005(wide)
Distribution : Dreamworks SKG

Dreamer : Inspired By A True Story is a drama family that storied love feeling a father to his daughter and a girl to her beloved horse. Cast by Kurt Russel here act as Ben Crane, a horse trainer and farm owner Lexington which had a bad condition in the carrier. The horses it usually trained now took hand by someone else. But, a horse named Sonador/Sonya, in Spanish mean Dreamer, that had broken leg caused by accident still belong to him.

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He will end it life rather than it suffer, but after his daughter, Cale (Fanning) wish for let Sonya life, so he decided to cancel his want. The opposite, for make her daughter happy and to revenge to his bos, he try to cure Sonya's leg and train it from the begining.

Looking Sonya get better, Cale surely Sonya can back to raceand decided to get Sonya in to famous horse race Breeders' Cup Classic. For Cale that can be think, but not for the other. Sign fee and other needs $120.000, and Crane's family doesn't had that much.
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Don't want to make his daughter disappointed, Ben try hard to make Sonya in. Everybody finally take along give hope to Sonya, so relationship Ben with his father (Kristofferson) and his wife (Shue) geting better because of Sonya.

The words "Inspired by a true story" in the title of this movie refers to a true story a champion horse race in 90-era named Mariah's Strom which get fatally broken leg, but can recovered and winning in horse race arena. The idea that based in this movie actually isn't original, but this movie still interesting to watch, not only for matures but also kids, because pictures and musics shows beautifully.

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