T2 'OK' Coloring Indonesian Music

T2 ImagesWhen some music products going down and then a couple bands started to raised walking in passion days, new concept has come. Mix duo musicians whose both are ladies make one of reality that season move from usual.

Their name are Tika and Tiwi whose each have music talent and acting art then meet named T2 means themselves name. They graduated from AFI (Akademi Fantasy Indosiar) 2005 and they must be has vocal skill. The ability T2 give specific accent in every T2 music shows.

T2 Images
The T2 songs is very unique not only nice but also has deep meaning. With the name T2, both exist release album titled 'OK!!!' in July 07th 2007 produced by Nagaswara and success accepted by society. May I personally give spirit, "Keep in a good work".

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