Aya Kudo, The Panic Girl

Aya Kudo ImagesFull Name : Aya Kudo
Nickname : kudoh, kudou
City / State : Tokyo
Birth Date : y [1984] m [10] d [11]
Blood Type : B
Height (cm) : 1102
Measurements (cm) : B [85] W [58] H [88]

She is a game girl from Panic Maker by Capcom. She can be said Panic Girl too. Aya Kudo, x Miss Magazine 2001 chosen as one from two Panic Girls. The other is Kirimua Moe. As Panic Girls, they will act characters in that action game. Aya will be as Tia Girl and she think that the character is unique. "Because of that, I very like it", she comment.

Aya Kudo Images
The girl whom birth October 11st 1983 also love to playing video games. But most of games she played never finish by her. She like to play popular games such Momotaro Dentetsu, "A million peoples game", she said. "Panic Maker is easy to learn and interesting, maybe I try to finish that game." she promote the game. But thats true, if you want to see Aya Kudo in 3D, just play the game.

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